Agreenable is a new initiative designed to tackle the issues of climate change.

Primarily, Agreenable is a social and interactive application that monitors our water and electricity consumptions and rewards participants when they cut down on their usage. The application serves as a reminder and motivation for users to be proactive and that they have a part to play in preventing man made climate change.


Consumers often respond negatively to the costs of fighting climate change. The financial benefits of cutting down consumption alone are not motivational enough. We found a interactive solution to challenge the Victoria to become a greener state.

It is difficult to make climate change a subject that social media users care enough about to spread out of interest.


Many aspects of climate change can be rather demanding and challenging to manage. However, with the motivation of having the right incentives; households, schools, businesses and individuals will be able to influence, regulate and reduce the use of energy and water consumption. The Agreenable application in turn motivates participants to immediately and actively fight against manmade climate change. With Agreenable, we are confident that we have found an effective incentive. 


RMIT University

D&AD 2014 Submission

Ariz Tiong / Andrew Hibbins